• Furmint

    Furmint The Furmint is an indigenous Hungarian vine speciality. Although it is mainly cultivated in the wine region of Tokaj, you can also find it in regions of Somló und Sopron.

    The Furmint vine sprouts early and the grape harvest usually takes place at the end of October. The wines have an actual alcoholic strength of 12,5-14% vol. Due to the relatively high acidity the sweet dessert-wines made of furmint are well balanced and show a high aging potential..

    The furmint grapes are always picked by hand and the wine made of them typically develops in wooden barrels. At cellar temperatures wild yeast causes a spontaneous fermentation which can take about 10-12 weeks. By adding sulphur, malolactic fermentation can be prevented. After the ripeness of additional 8-10 weeks, the wine can be peeled, stabilized and filled to bottles. In case of reductive procedures, winegrowers use steel barrels and the flotation method. The fermentation process in such cases takes about 6-8 weeks.

    Furmint Due to their complexity, mineral character and the rich flavours the different furmint wines fascinate wine connoisseurs worldwide. It is almost impossible to describe in a few words the impressions of tasting a furmint, but typically these wines are characterized by earthy notes in the company of scents that resemble on apple, quince and peach with associated aromas on the palate.

    The popularity of the furmint wines and the high demand for them has led to numerous international recognitions of their respective Hungarian winegrowers.

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