• Szepsy, István

    Already towards the end of 16th century Szepsy family started wine-growing in the wine region of Tokaj. István Szepsy, one of the most important wine-growers of Hungary (Wine-grower of the year 2001), has continuously been re-building his vineyard since 1971 as his father had lost the bigger part of it after World War II.

    Sarkad Today the wines of István Szepsy are amongst the best of Tokaj. He focuses on a radical yield limit of maximum 400 litres Aszú per hectare. Not only the Aszú-berries but also the grapes for the raw wine are being selected by Mr Szepsy. Today the property has some 63 hectare of first-class quality vineyards such as Király, St. Tamás, Danczka, Úrágya, Betsek and Nyulas whereof 46 hectare are cultivated.

    István Szepsy symbolically represents the wine-growers of the region. His ancestors were already producing Tokaji Aszú three centuries ago. He is not only known all over Hungary because of his wonderful elixir but also due to the catching enthusiasm he pursues his profession with.


    1. 2001    Wine-grower of the year in Hungary

    István Szepsy does not take part in competitions. About this he says:

    István Szepsy " I have won big European awards as well but today I do not compete for any longer. There are two reasons: On the one hand competition wines exist no longer as their amount is steadily decreasing. On the other hand I strongly believe that beauty needs no competition - neither that of the humans, the nature nor that of the wine. Like this you can also not compare e.g. a seacoast with palms with the Danube Bend or with fjords.

    I consider personality and individuality the most significant aspects. But you shall approach these only with awe and not with the thought of economic profit - that is the way you can achieve something at our times. It is not the business that drives things but how devotedly we do our work so that others can enjoy it, too.

    In Tokaj there are many wine-growers who think like me, but there are many who are backed up by investors and love their work but still cannot get their head around computers. The quality and the requirements for establishing a brand are more important than anything else. Everything is subordinated to this. I believe in Tokaj and that this is one of the most interesting and most individual vineyards of the world. And by this and for this we shall create a world class experience out of it."

    In few words he puts his philosophy into a nutshell: "To produce Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos at its best demands a lot of work - not only in the winery but well before, in the vineyard, too."

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