• Kékfrankos

    Kékfrankos The origin of the grape variety Kékfrankos is not entirely clear, but according to several sources they come from the territory of Hungary. Kékfrankos today is regarded as the most common red grape variety in the Hungarian wine-growing regions as the local soil and the climatic conditions are ideal for its cultivation.

    The vine of Kékfrankos grows rather quickly. Its grapes and berries are medium in size and the berries show a somewhat fluffy consistency. It is considered to be a rather tough, stable variety that tends not to be sensitive to putrefaction due to its thick shell. Its vintage typically takes place in Hungary in September.

    The wines produced from Kékfrankos typically have a deep red color, they are fruity with moderate, silky tannins while they show good acidity.

    KékfrankosThis grape variety is often used as the a driving component in the cuvées of the Bull's Blood of Eger and Szekszárd.

    Although just a few decades back Kékfrankos was considered of little value in Hungary, its popularity constantly increased in recent years and the previously hidden versatility of this variety is now proven by numerous fine wines and international awards.

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