Order process FAQ

This site from Ungaricum is focused exclusively on our trading partners, i.e., wholesalers, gastronomy partners and wine shops. If you are a consumer, please visit our B2C site, ungaricum.de where you can find a large selection of Hungarian quality wines available for direct ordering and delivery. If you wish to order or request an offer as a trading partner, please read on.

Can I order products on ungaricum.com?

Direct ordering on ungaricum.com is not possible. You are welcome to send us your request for an offer and we will follow it up with a personalized offer.

Why a personalized offer?

We respect the rules of your local wine market - our prices to our trading partners reflect their role in the wine trading value chain. Please note that we wish to understand your individual interests so that we can better serve you: depending on the requested product quantity and timing Ungaricum may be acting either as a trade representative of the respective winery or your direct trading partner. Our ambition is to fulfill your requirements for Hungarian wine – whatever they may be:

  • Small or large, we can do all - depending on the size of your order delivery can be initiated either from our own warehouse or directly from the respective partner winery in Hungary
  • Pallet prices for mixed cases - ordering a pallet of mixed cases comes at no extra cost: you receive the same advantageous pallet price for all wines in your order
  • Hassle-free delivery at an attractive price - we have well-established partnerships with worldwide leading wine logistics companies

How can I request my first offer?

Requesting an offer is uncomplicated: first register your company here. In the next step we validate your company's identity and activate your company account. Once you received the confirmation e-mail about the activation, please log in to your account. Then simply select the product(s) of your interest, mark the required quantity and click on the “Request offer” button. Once you are done with your selection, please click on the “Proceed” button under the shopping bag to continue the process. You will be required to register in order that your request be sent directly to us. Please fill in your registration details, mark a billing and shipping address, select mode of shipment and payment method and finalize the process by clicking on the “Request offer” button at the end. Your request will be forwarded to us with all details, we will process it and get in touch with you in order that we create a personalized offer.

Why is registration required?

Registration is required in order that we can validate your company credentials and activate your Ungaricum account. Once your account is enabled, you can log on and follow directly the status of your request. Furthermore, you shall have access to more information about our products, incl. recommended retail price (RRP) and order quantity associated standard discount information. Note that this information is of indicative nature – each offer request will be followed up with an individual offer.

I am already a trading partner. How can I request a new offer?

Please log on to your Ungaricum account with your credentials and proceed with your request for offer after authentication.