• Vida, Péter

    The vineyards of Péter Vida are located on the gentle slopes of the Szekszárd wine region and they cover altogether some 20 hectares. The plantations spread across domains of Bakta, Baranyavölgy, Csötönyivölgy, Hidaspetre, Lisztesvölgy and Virághegy. The surrounding hills provide protection against harsh weather and support a microclimate that is ideal for wine growing purposes.

    Portrait Péter Vida The red grape varieties grown by Péter Vida and his son include Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Merlot, Zweigelt and Kadarka varieties. Half of grapes are harvested from own plantations, while the rest is bought by the winery from high-quality producers in the region - all harvests are then processed together in Bakta.

    According to the philosophy of Péter Vida wine is a wonderful, living creature, a divine miracle - even a lifetime is not enough to get to know him well enough. He has been engaged in fine wine making for some forty years: already in his childhood he registereg his father's Kadarka to the local wine competition - the unexpected victory eventually led him to the profession of becoming a winemaker. He and his son portray a rare, missionary spirit and as father and son they are authentic representatives of a harmonic symbiosis with nature. Sharing their unique philosophy is one of their key objectives.

    WeintraubenThe winery was originally established in cooperation with Budapest Bortársaság (Budapest Wine Society) in 1994. The since nationally well known and recognized winery developed rapidly. In 2011 Péter Vida was awarded for its high quality wines and many years of persistent work the most prestigious prize of 'Winemaker of the year" in Hungary.

    Péter Vida is also considered in inner circles as an individual with truly unique personality: for his wine tastings music and literature are known companions - they provide excellent food for the taster's mind.


    1. 2011    Winemaker of the Year award
    2. 2010    La Vida Merlot Selection 2007, VinAgora, silver medal 
    3. 2010    La Vida Cabernet Franc Selection 2007, VinAgora, silver medal
    4. 2007    La Vida Cabernet Sauvignon Selection 2003, Challenge International du Vin, gold medal 
    5. 2007    La Vida Merlot Válogatás 2003, Challenge International du Vin, silver medal