Shipping and Delivery

At Ungaricum we are putting special emphasis on making sure that the delivery of your ordered goods will arrive to you as soon as possible, safely, reliably and at a fair price.

You can use the benefits of our well established logistics partnerships with UPS and Nagel. Depending on the requested product quantity and timing of delivery Ungaricum may be delivering to you directly as your trading partner or we may help you as the trading agent of the respective winery in arranging a direct delivery between the winery and your preferred target location.

For smaller orders we take responsibility for the inventory and packaging of the products (delivery by Ungaricum). We use only high quality packaging materials, ship the goods as insured packages, work fast, exclusively with UPS and Nagel together and only charge the shipping cost we have to bear.

Minimum quantity

Mindestbestellmenge The minimum orderable quantity for trading partners of Ungaricum is 12 bottles per product.

Delivery times


The delivery of your order follows via UPS or Nagel from Monday to Friday.

Standard delivery times for orders are the following:

Germany (from own warehouse):                2-4 working days
Germany (directly from the winery):            as per agreement

EU-countries (from own Warehouse):        5 working days
EU-countries (directly from the winery):    as per agreement

Other countries:                                               please contacts us

Low-emission shipping (Delivery by Ungaricum)


In accordance with the "carbon neutral" concept of UPS we ship our packages with low-emission or zero-emission transport. Supporting the Climate Change Programme, UPS "carbon neutral" shipments use alternative vehicles and fuels in order to minimize the CO2 emissions associated with the transport of the package.

Delivery of our products currently possible to Germany and selected EU countries (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic).

For delivery to other locations, please contact us.

Self pick-up


Please note that a self-pick up the goods ordered is not possible.

Shipping costs


Shipping costs always depend on order quantity and delivery model. If you have logged in to your company account, please select one or more products, enter the desired quantity and click on "Reuqest Quote". We will process your request on as soon as possible and get in touch with you in order that we can prepare your individual offer including shipping costs.

Packaging material (Delivery by Ungaricum)


We use only high quality, environmentally friendly cardboard boxes that are certified by DHL and UPS. In Germany, you can dispose of the packaging in the Dual Sytem in your local recycling center. The package is labeled in accordance with the regulations.

Validity of the shipping information


If any future change to shipping information will be required, please refer to this page for the latest status. Moreover, if there are additional questions, please contact us - we are happy to help!