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    Since 2009 operates the Szent Tamás Winery in one of the world's most famous wine growing regions: Tokaj. They cultivate an area of 20 hectares that spreads over three main settlements: Mád, Tarcal and Tokaj - the vines are grown on the connecting 12 vineyards: Szent Tamás, Nyulászó, Kishegy, Percze, Szilvás, Danczka, Birsalmás, Középhegy, Szarvas, Király, Betsek and Teleki.

    Szent Tamás The winery focuses their efforts on three grape varieties: furmint (55%), yellow muscat (15%) and hárslevelű (30%). These grape varieties grow on more than 36 years old plots of which every year some will be carefully renewed to guarantee top quality. The founders of Szent Tamás concentrate on creating wines that perfectly bring across the individual nature of each and every vineyard. When in autumn the time of vintage arrives, the fruits will be collected by hand. They are then fermented and further stored in wooden barrels or steel tanks - depending on the technology selected.

    The creative idea of the founders links their wines not just with the winery itself but in all their communications, including the labeling of the bottles they connect their products with the settlement of Mád. For István Balassa and István Szepsy jr. this small village represents the middle of the world! Mád is indeed a special place: the diversity of its soil provides the wines with distinctive individuality that comes across their scent and taste - each vineyard shows a truly unique character. Consequently, for the Szent Tamás winery quality is of particular priority - they create masterpieces that shows how much Tokaj is capable of when managed by the right people.

    István Szepsy jun. István Szepsy jr., the leading winemaker of the estate learned his skills from his father step by step - the global success of his wines shows that he is on the right way of continuing the several hundred years of wine making family tradition.

    Although the winery produces three main types of wines (aszú, late harvest and dry), their product portfolio was extended to include also champagne. The continuous change and advancement is manifested also in other areas. In 2011 the winery added a reductive dry furmint into the product range that is produced from grapes grown by strict local standards by other local winegrowers in the Mád region - this was the first dry Mád Furmint. This wine was introduced as an independent brand name to let the world know about furmint, about Mád by breaking into the category of affordable dry white wines that shows a unique character. The concept and its unprecedented success in the market contributed to an ever growing popularity of the village while also motivates local growers to further expand their focus on the grape variety of furmint.

    In addition to producing top quality wines the Szent Tamás Winery has also become widely known as a reformer in the Hungarian gastronomy and catering sector: they founded the first wine house of Mád (Elso Mádi Borház) and the established the Gusteau Élménymuhely (Gusteau culinary experience workshop). Both of these institutions focus on creating a culinary experience for the visitors that matches local dishes with the wines produced here. The innovation does not stop at this level though: the winery also opened the Hegyközi Manufaktúra that supports small businesses of Mád in the distribution of their locally produced handicrafts.


    1. 2013    Király Late Harvest 2011, Decanter World Wine Awards, Gold Medal
    2. 2013    Mád Furmint 2012, Decanter World Wine Awards, Silver Medal
    3. 2012    Furmint - Gelber-Musketeller 2010, Pannon Bormustra, Top Wine
    4. 2011    Tokaji Cuvée 2009, VinAgora, Champion Award

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