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    The winery's choice for its name stands for the binding to the region and for respect for their traditions: "Vylyan" is an old local, historical naming of Villány which was first found in a scripture from the15th century. Its spelling written with a goose quill and with two wyes inspired the calligraphic shape of the logo.

    The growing areas of Vylyan's vineyard are located by admirable Villány mountains. The winery itself is located on the Fekete-hegy (Black hill) in Kisharsány at the heart of Dobogó.

    Im Weinhaus Vylyan

    Pál Debreczeni had set himself the objective to create a red wine focused vineyard on the basis of what the typical characteristics of this wine region suggest. His mission was to establish a new style and establish a worldwide attention on this region. Since the beginning top quality has always been the main driver for all activities here: from the choice of selecting the growing areas to bringing the wines to the market. The first vines were planted in 1992 and in 1997 the first wines hit the shelves.

    The extraordinary conditions of the area, the expert team, the professional openness and yje hard, long-lasting work has brought the expected results: today Vylyan is considered to be one of the most important vineyards in Villány.


    1. 2012    Mandolás 2007, Berliner Wein Trophy, gold medal 
    2. 2011    Dobogó 2006, Monde Selection, silver medal
    3. 2011    Pinot Noir 2008, Monde Selection, silver medal / Decanter WW Awards, silver medal
    4. 2011    Gombás 2008, Decanter World Wine Awards, silver medal
    5. 2011    Syrah 2008, Decanter World Wine Awards, silver medal
    6. 2011    Pinot Noir 2008, Pannon Bormustra, top wine 
    7. 2010    Cabernet Franc 2007, Challenge International du Vin, silver medal

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